On a November Day

We're taking a deep breath and taking in this wonderful between-holidays month.

We're filling up on every opportunity to enjoy dry swings and slides.

We're making playdough again. And I'm once again realizing just how handy a blog can be in pinch - like when Julia's teacher sends me home a recipe-less note reminding me that I signed up for playdough making duty. It seems we were doing the exact same thing on a November day last year!

A November day can be a very quietly special thing.


your sissa said...

OK the hilariousness of play dough duty. I remember kindies having to bring snack but play dough, seriously... Did you make it with koolaid I am so the play dough snob and the bright coloured smelly play dough is my fav. I also now understand the comment to Jules about you can try it but it will taste ucky. Happy kneading.


Sandy said...

your pictures are just beautiful. it reminds me to look for the brightness in some of these dull, november days.