Contradictions (Hers)

As the mother of all contradictions, it seems only fitting that I have an equally contrary 5 year old. After recently reflecting on mine, let me introduce a few of hers.

My belly says it's hungry. (5:55pm)

My belly says it's full. (6:05pm)

Can I have dessert now. (6:10pm)

: : :

I can do it myself.

I'm getting to be a really big kid, aren't I.

Can you do it just for this once. (word for word - she says it the same way every time)

: : :

I know. (when I tell her to finish eating her breakfast)

I know. (when I tell her that breakfast is important)

I knnnooowww. I'm going to. (when I tell her to finish eating her breakfast!)

I don't know. (when I ask her why her Barbies are lying on the floor)

I don't know. (when I ask her what she did at school)

I don't knnnooowww. You read it. (when I ask her to practice her phonics cards)

: : :

Matthew hit me!

Matthew hit me! Punish him.

Matthew hit me again! Send him to the naughty step.

Well, I only hit him a little bit.


Melissa said...

I love it, except when little miss is doing it to me. It can be awful but it is so cute. Well I guess you have to enjoy the I knooooooow while they last soon it will just be a throaty huff a la grumpa.

I hope I don't end up on the naughty step when I come in December her joy likely mean the pain of others.

Elizabeth said...

Oh, much worse. You are going to the naughty basement (and if you're REALLY naughty then I'll send the kids down to keep you company)! Hee hee.