Parapluies (and why subtitles get in the way of multi-tasking)

After a whirlwind of activity we are back to fully-moderate, completely-passable, sparkling-from-a-distance states of household cleanliness and organization. And most importantly, the laundry (including all that delicious fabric) - 'fin'.

Pay no attention to the trail of toys or food-exploded-upon-shirts that reappeared about 15 minutes after the whirlwind.

And I'm ready to get focused, put some priorities on things and put away a few of those tempting distraction projects for a couple of weeks (to be read as - "Finish those socks and don't touch that Shrug").

And above all else, I will not put this in the DVD player and make a pot of tea (and cookies...of course there would have to be cookies).

Nope. I won't do it. I really really really won't do it.

Unless...well...maybe a few minutes wouldn't hurt.

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Tim said...

I love that movie!!! That and your pot of tea sounds like a perfect afternoon.