A Crafty Case of A.D.D.

My brain is awhirl lately and I have little to show for it besides piles throughout the house and very little cleaning taking place around them. So which one should I tell you about today? (Get ready for a whole lotta linking!)

I could talk about all the squares and rectangles I've cut for the Amy Butler patchwork quilt that I was so excited to begin.

Or I could tell you about the stack of fabric that I just bought an hour ago after seeing this tutorial over at Sew Mama Sew last night. A festive tree skirt that has now pre-empted the patchwork quilt.

Picture a whole lot of white pulling this together.

Then again, I could post about the latest book that frequently has me curled up in a sunny corner daydreaming about a wardrobe overhaul.

Of course, I really should be updating you on the no-longer-such-a-Mystery sock which seems to have stopped in it's track at the 90% mark (and yes, that's just the one sock). But then I would have to confess to cheating on said sock with a certain shrug which I've managed to keep on the down-low up until now.

You can see my predicament; blog-hopping is a dangerous thing. The gal who is usually true to her 'one project at a time' rule has somehow gone way way way off the rails (and I haven't even brought up the baking, decorating, and kids play ideas that are circling in my brain).

So I think I'll just set all of those things off to the side and spend a couple of hours cleaning the house and contemplating some sort of direction for finishing a few things before the end of the year. Then I'll feel completely without guilt when I fall into craft-busting mode for the rest of the week. After all, this November that I'm loving so much is going to be a quick one.

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Sandy said...

Now, this sounds very familiar. I've got way too many projects started, and the lingering housework nagging me. Throw in a sick child and trying to get my 'real" work done. If you find any magical ways, please share!