First Snow

Those flakes kept flurrying yesterday. It was the last kick I needed to propel me into to full-on December-mode.

Somebody had forgotten all about snow (what with being 1 last year and all).
Needless to say...he was very, very excited by the stuff.


Lyndsey said...

Lol! what a face! I was hoping my son would get to see snowfall this year, but we'll be leaving for PR before it ever gets here!

Melissa said...

How is that fair, no snow here yet but today we will be getting lots o' rain. It will be 6 degrees, how can this possibly be? Oh well the snow tires are going on the old car tomorrow so then it start.

Sandy said...

He is adorable!
And yes, that first snow kicked me into December mode too.
the snow is gone, but it sure is chilly here.