Ta-da. My first official quilting, finished in time for the first weekend of December and the first flakes of snow spotted fluttering outside today.

A few of the things I've come to appreciate along the way (if not always tips that were followed).
  • Rotary cutting is extremely addictive. Squares, rectangles, angles...all fun.
  • Measure twice (three times if a glass of wine is involved). Then cut (or perhaps wait if more than a glass of wine is involved).
  • An eighth of an inch does matter, which leads me to...
  • Stars are way easier to make than Christmas Trees (to be read as 'I need to work on lining up my straight pieces').

  • Trim, iron, trim, iron, trim, iron. Trim trim trim. Iron iron iron.
  • After spending a good chunk of time making lots of lovely little stars and trees, I have a healthy fear of messing it all up with quilting.
  • Quilting isn't nearly as scary after the first row is in place. Quilting can also make up for an eighth of an inch where you need it.
  • Laying a quilt out on the floor for binding is a sure-fire invitation for very cute rolling and lounging bodies. (Wouldn't you?)

  • It was totally worth forgoing a proper tree skirt for 10 years. I finally have exactly what I wanted and a post complete with cozy home-made rolling and lounging memories.


The Girl in Pink said...

Nice work Elizabeth! I'm very impressed :)

Elizabeth said...

Well hello there girlie! So nice to see your name.

La sirène said...

you're lucky for the snow... we don't have any in Paris at the moment...