Making Do for Merry Making

One realizes in the 11'th hour (or at the point when one doesn't want to brave another shopping trip) that she didn't actually consider a centerpiece for the table.

Or perhaps, she did consider it, but never ended up finding something that seemed right.

Or perhaps she had originally thought about making a runner to match the tree skirt, but just plain ran out of steam. (Noted for next year of course)

Either way, one realizes that something is missing. At this point, one looks around and gathers what is found at hand.

One puts them together and says "Well there you have it. That will do just fine, thank you very much." And one continues with the list of other things one must attend to.

But not before one wishes you again, happy holidays and the very best of the season's celebrations.


The Girl in Pink said...

Gorgeous - you are very clever!

Kathy said...

Your centerpiece rocks!

Sandy said...

it is gorgeous! And better than anything you could have bought.