Scenes from a Mall

...that somehow didn't result in shopping.

It did include lots of decorations.

And some twinkly-eyed cheer, complete with Magic Tricks and a reading of a festive favourite story.

A round of Reindeer Hokie Pokie (sp?). Note the 'antlers in' and the 'antlers out' right before the antlers are 'shaken all about'.

And all proceeds going to Sleeping Children Around the World.

Since my daughter has never had any interest in sitting on Santa's lap (actually closer to a shy terror), this was a pretty cool way of fitting a 'no touchy-touchy' Santa scenario into our week. Although after all of that playtime lead-up, she actually did end up having a quick cuddle with the big guy after all (while her brother ran around terrorizing the reindeer and a small stuffed hedgehog).

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