Deck the Walls

Lots of activity as we get ready for the multiple days of celebrating and hosting ahead. Lots of cleaning, lots of wrapping, lots of Google searches for recipes that I can't place my fingers.

But thanks to the foresight of advanced cooking and freezing a few of my favourite side-dishes, there seemed to be just enough time to throw a few coats of paint onto some walls that have been driving me to distraction for awhile (Yes, a week before Christmas does seem like a perfectly reasonable time to suddenly decide to do something about it! Why do you ask?)

And what better way to start a new year.

Good-bye mellow yellow. Hello Gettysburg Grey.

Farewell faux-finish. It was fun while it lasted, but a decade was really stretching way past your expiry date.

And now the big question of the day. Will that KitchenAid mixer get plugged back into the wall? I have several sticks of butter and a bag of superfine sugar waiting to find out.

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