From the Kitchen (ii)

This shot was inspired by the mish-mash of utensils on our dinner table each night. My little gal has her cherished sets that keep being replaced and yet still always seems to be missing a piece. Little man covets his sister's set (forbidden), has outgrown his baby fork, but can't yet handle the big stuff. He's getting better with the fork, still leans towards the spoon and has developed a recent obsession with cutting things with plastic knives (mostly playdough). I won't even get into favourite cups, bottles and straws or the diplomacy required when friends come for playdates and we find ourselves with more than one girl and only one pink cup.

The one set that we all enjoy is this wee size cutlery from Ikea (wish I could remember the fancy Swedish name). Perfect for coffee & pastries while being ideal for very little hands and tiny snack size containers of anything.

And since I can't really send you all your own little set, today's bonus tidbit is a book recommendation: Whining and Dining - Mealtime Survival for Picky Eaters and the Families Who Love Them (Eshun Mott and Emma Waverman). The recipes are delicious and truly offer something (if not always everything) to satisfy every member of the family (seriously, I'd make this stuff even if I didn't have kids, plus I'd get to eat it hot). The little quotes and anecdotes are hilarious and make the family chef see some perspective and humour in the daily rejection that goes with feeding lil'uns. I bought this book a few years back and have had really happy results. Although it wasn't the only factor, it was a big part of dinnertime changes in our house (acceptance, riding phases out and enforcing a better routine also counted for a lot). I've been revisiting this book a lot recently as one kiddo has moved way out of the picky years and the second is settling right into them (I'd call him a picky eater, but that would mean he actually has to pick something right?)

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thanks for the book recommendation!