Sweet Ways to Start March Break

Starting the week with a fresh new look and a fresh batch of cookies. Since those four cookies are all gone now, I hope you'll be satisfied with the blog makeover. : )

I know I've mentioned before that I'm not typically the cookie baking sort of mom. I can make cookies. They taste quite delicious if I do say so myself (and I do...between numerous mouthfuls). It's just not the first activity that pops to mind for a fun-filled afternoon. The repeated batches sort of drive me mad for some reason, and after the first dozen I'm usually ready to clean-up and pour a cup of coffee.

All of that said (again!), when I do make cookies with my little gal, I almost always find myself saying "we should do this more often". Making these spring cookies yesterday was no exception (the eggs are on display while the bunnies, chicks and flowers are still hanging out back in the kitchen). There was also one very big difference this time - her interest in making cookies together actually lasted through the entire four dozen process. That's a pretty huge deal, and also made me want to keep at it. So I guess the lessons to be learned: reserve judgment on cookie baking until your assistant is at least 5 years old and make sure to involve lots of sprinkles. The promise of a tea party afterwards doesn't hurt the cause either.

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