That Special Thing

If you could stop the clocks and step outside of having to do anything else for a few uninterrupted hours - what would you be up to? Here's mine.

Theoretically this would be really fun to do along with the kids. Theoretically.

Realistically, the phrase "I want to paint" usually translates into mama setting things up, getting two kids organized with two different sets of supplies, finally sitting down with my own favourite bits, and then being told "I'm bored. Let's play a game." Despite my early parenting fantasies, my children have a very short attention span when it comes to arts and crafts (believe me...I'm working on building that muscle). They love to do it - it just has to be planned, concentrated and quick on results.

I can see faint glimmers of getting back to some of these special "me time" activities. In the meantime though, I'll settle for taking a brief time out to just daydream about it a little during 15 minutes of making someone else's sweet creation come to life. And luckily it takes infinitely less time to take a picture I love than it does to paint one.

Julia's favourite Princess palette and her fancy Easter nailpolish.

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