Did the blogging stop because the making of things did?
Did the making of things stop because the blogging did?
The classic chicken or the egg question.

Several months since my last post, and a multitude of reasons that pulled me away from this space - let's just chalk it up to breathing space and the chasing of life (and two little people that are livelier than I even wake up with the energy to be).  The only reason that I'll follow for today, is my reason for coming back...I just like this little corner that waits patiently, drawing me back no matter how far I wander from the very inspiration I'm looking for.

Maybe a different approach? Keeping things small and simple?  I'll just take it bit by bit and see if the inspiration starts to shine again.

Farmhouse Orchids
Taken recently at Ravine Vineyard, St.Davids, Ontario
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