26 Post Challenge (B)

B brings us to butterflies. Colour. Movement. Nature's perfect patchwork on display.

These pictures were taken at the Niagara Parks Butterfly Conservatory. I have a special sewing/crafting project
in mind that is inspired by these and several other pictures taken that day. You'll have to stay-tuned though while I commit to finishing things already on the go (more ideas than time - yikes!).

I'll B Back on Monday with another installation. Keep finding and sharing your B until then.


tania said...

beautiful butterflies!
B is for blogging,butter,breakfast in bed,books!!!!,

Anonymous said...

Here's my B
I made bread and it was a bust so we went to the bakery to buy beautiful bread.

sissa missa said...

BROWNIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Made some last week for the schools Easter bake sale and thought little miss would LOVE these they are very cute.


Although I would in the future use the smitten kitchen classic brownies recipe to do the brownies from scratch, mom was wrong you can make them so much better from scratch.

B is also for blown kisses <3