Random Thoughts for a Tuesday

Explaining to Jules why she didn't have pre-school yesterday:

Me: A long time ago there was a Queen named Victoria. Around this time every year we celebrate her birthday. On Queen Victoria's birthday no one goes to work. The schools are all closed, the stores are all closed, and it's a Mommy, Daddy, Julia and Matthew day.
Jules: Oh! Queen Victoria. It's her birthday?
Me: Yup.
Jules: Well, soon it's going to be my birthday. This many fingers right?
Me: Yup.
Jules: And Victoria can come to my birthday?
Me: Well, Victoria lived a long long time ago and very far away.
Jules: I have a great idea. We can have cake at Victoria's birthday.
Me: Mmmmm. That is a great idea.

And some random thoughts for today:

  • Have I mentioned that I loathe Estelle Young Touch yarn. Let's just say that I'm no further ahead than Friday. And yes...I am just about ready to give it up.
  • 13 years. 13 years. Today I've been married for 13 years. How the heck has it been 13 years? I'm not nearly old enough to have been married for 13 years am I? I married very very very very young. : )
  • Finished a major organizational overhaul in the bedroom closet this weekend. Now my husband can actually get to his side without having to reach around a mound of things that made it out of Matthew's room but didn't find a home of their own (until now). Still have to organize a few sewing supplies.
  • Matthew has his first tooth and can commando crawl around the room like nobodys business.
  • Dancing with the Stars final three. I know who is going to win - for some reason it's not who I want to win - but I think I know who is going to win. Maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised by a sudden unexpected twist of fate? I doubt it.
  • Our Chokecherry is in full bloom. It smells beautiful. It looks beautiful. It is beautiful. Oh look...here it is.
Looking forward to hopefully feeling a lot less random on Wednesday.


Anonymous said...

congrats lady I was going to call but it is already getting late in my world and I still have to pack for DCF tomorrow AAAHHHH. Just had to ask did you have henkle troken and penne rigatta for dinner in honour of you big day.... must sleep I am willing myself to not to wake up sick in the morning


Freckled Nest said...

i was undecided about darjeeling too. it took me 4 times before i got thru it (tried watching it with kc. got distracted).
i expected so different...and it was just not so much. i wanted a gardenstate, but got hmmmm, not sure. BUT what i thought was so beautiful... whenever they ran for the train. first adrian bignose. then all 3 of them when they loose their luggage. mmmmmm. so beautiful.

i thought i'd wanna buy it. but i'm good without.

i do however want to buy:
Goonies and Juno.

hi :)

Lisa said...

Happy (late) anniversary! You were what, 11 when you married, right? Based on this post, I think I'll post the Nanny Diaries. I didn't like the book, but I like fashion and colours and Scarlett soooo...