And How Was Your Weekend?

Ours was a long weekend. In fact, it's still going on thanks to a cleverly planned vacation day.

For the grownups, it was a weekend for enjoying a bit of this and that on the back deck (and yes, that would be one empty bottle and one empty glass...it was unfortunate, but then quickly remedied). And somehow, parenthood makes a bottle of wine next to a giant bottle of Miracle Bubbles look perfectly natural.

"Tiny bubbles..."

For Julia, it was a weekend for trying out new recipes. Yes, that is an open face ham and gummy worm sandwich. I justified it with the rationale that three gummy worms seems totally acceptable as a dessert, so why not let it be part of the main action. Of course, a fair bit of deconstruction took place when it came time for eating. One of these days Jules might actually eat these three ingredients together as a complete sandwich...but not today. So much effort went into carefully laying out each layer, and just as quickly they were stripped apart and eaten in 'roll up' fashion. I'll let you guess which part was eaten first.

"What? You've heard of 'piggies in a blanket' haven't you. Why shouldn't worms have equal treatment?"

And for Matthew, it was a weekend for trying out some new moves. He's up...he's up...but oh dear, he hasn't figured out how to get back down. Better call mom.

"Hello? Somebody? Anybody? Is everyone out there blowing bubbles again?"

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