Global Trotting

OK, so this isn't exactly the 'serendipity' post I was planning, but it's actually right on topic.

My Sunday morning training run coincided with the Nike Human Race run. And really...who am I argue with the human race.

So quite unexpectedly (and sweaty, and panting and all-around pretty pooped) I now have another 5K event under my water belt. Woot woot!

I have to admit that this is only the second time I've run a full 5K route since this post. Instead, I've been running with a group that's been focusing on cardio building and hill training and duration vs. distance. Not exactly what I went into the clinics looking for, but hey, hills can be fun, right!?! (she says to try and convince herself as much as anyone else).

Needless to say, running a flat route with a bit of extra group based adrenalin and making it to the end of a favourite old route (old - as in 6 weeks ago - ancient history it seems) felt pretty darn good!

And if I had just had the will-power to resist a warm fresh baked cinnamon bun at the end, it probably would have counted even more. But hey, finish lines require a celebration right? (again, she tries to say with great conviction).

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