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In some early holiday shopping journeys this week we tried to distract little eyes and quickly shuffle past Pottery Barn Kids - the commercial Mecca of modern childhood. "Keep moving, nothing to see here, don't look..."

Yeah, that didn't work.

I'm in love with these dolls and have seen so many home-crafted patterns
and kits lately. They make me fantasize about throwing out every crappy little
Kinder Egg and Happy Meal Toy I can find in our house and offering just
three simple dolls in return.

But I have to admit that although the credit cards remained safe in my wallet, the 20 minutes was well spent. Better make that 30 minutes after the 10 minutes of cajoling it took to get Julia back out of the store.

Hello! A slip covered headboard. Oh Yeah!

This store is filled beautiful, amazing things that leap straight out of childhood fantasy (way to market!). It's also way beyond my budget (not to mention my spending sensibilities). But most importantly, it is dream inducing. Combine all of this with someone who's thoughts tend towards "Hey, I could probably make something sorta like that" and you get some dangerous additions to the never-ending list of projects (in the not immediately but in the not-so-distant future category).

So many ideas all coming from this one picture. Brings together patterns
I have, photos that are waiting to be framed, quilting ideas, stuffy ideas
memories of Julia's stick collecting walks...sensory overload. Gah!

So that 20 minutes (plus 10 cajoling minutes), morphed into a further 40 minutes trolling around website. And all of these 'good snips' are fueling some pretty cool ideas for a future makeover in Julia's room (which has admittedly been painted and outfitted as we go, but never officially 'decorated' as a concerted effort) .

DO NOT BE ALARMED by the bunk bed.
This picture and this post hold NO secret meaning.
I am just completely digging the book rails and thinking about delegating
some woodworking tasks to Big Daddy.

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