Reflective Raking

Another unseasonably warm day and lots of sunshine drew me out onto the back lawn.

And I approached it like life in general right now. Start with neat little piles, working along section by section.

There is a long path of leaves still ahead, but those little piles will add up. I'll get there.

And someone will come along and shake a few more leaves off the tree.

And someone else will be happily watching as I go along (sometimes from an Exersaucer). Not really jumping in to help, but keeping me company, guiding my day and rewarding me with their simple being.

These aren't always my favourite tasks (and I'm often a little uncertain about what I'm going to find amongst those leaves), but there are always smiles to keep me moving forward and the pure enjoyment of being in that surprising sunshine.

And another thought - do you think anyone has invented an outdoor vacuum cleaner for residential use? Just wondering.


Patty said...

Aah. I love your outlook on life.

BTW, we have a leaf blower. That also vacuums the little suckers (and mulches them in the process). Darn noisy though. Thought you might like to know...

a friend to knit with said...

lovely photos!!!
an outdoor vacuum would be wonderful! i think you should invent it.