Fridays are for Field Trips

Nothing breaks up the February beat like a field trip - especially when you've only rarely left the house in a couple of days.

So after a successful morning of hitting the streets I'm back in full grocery supply (for at least 12 more hours anyways), Valentines treats are at the ready, and I have the very strong sense of indulgence that comes with a little bit of stash building. (Who knows what to buy me for Valentines better than...me).

It may not look like a lot to some of you more seasoned stashers, but it's one my most varied purchases to-date.

You see, I'm more of a 'buy for what I'm making' kind of gal (yup - it goes with being that one-project-at-a-time kind of gal - although I've been mixing that up a bit lately too). But a sale pushes everyone beyond their limits a little doesn't it? So here are the dissected plans.

This 'tried and true' batch in brown are destined to be turned into The Wort.

This assortment just sings in harmony to me and I am so excited by the Project Spectrum plans that are brewing in my mind. But more about that in a future post. (This will be my first round of Project Spectrum and if you haven't joined before check it out).

And last but not least, look what jumped into my hands. Hello...you're green! Not sure what you'll end up looking like, but at some point I am going to revisit socks, because despite some fit disappointment with my first attempt they are lot of fun to knit.

You can tell that this outing was 1/3 planned, 1/3 impulse and 1/3 purpose. So how are the rest of you stash building? I'd be really interested in hearing the reckless-abandon perspective. How do you know how much to buy? You go into a store or see a great deal online, and buy yarn without a specific vision for the final product - but what formula works for you? Do you buy a huge stack of what you love, or do you buy a few balls and hope it will be enough for what you eventually make? Or maybe you've built up a stash from project remains over the years. Seriously - I really want in on the secrets of the stash.

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Lisa said...

I will only buy stash yarn if it's sock yarn because you always know you will have enough. BTW, I thought the supersock you bought? I thought it was some Noro Kureyon Sock because they have almost the identical colourway. Didn't love the feel of the yarn though, so yours is likely a better buy!