Spring Signs

Seasonal publications are always a tempting hint at the possibilities ahead - in this case, warmer days, flowering gardens, long walks, and a whole heap of beautiful knitwear.

I recently decided not to renew my Interweave Knits subscription for the year - nothing to do with the magazine at all, but simply a budget-friendly measure and the realization that I knit so slowly and have liked so many of the 2008/2009 patterns that I have a long enough list to keep me in rows for quite some time. Any bets on my breaking down and buying the Fall issue as soon as it hits the shelves (ha ha)?

In the meantime though, it's as if they knew because my last issue arrived yesterday and Spring 2009 is packed with page after page of gorgeous patterns that had me gasping audibly (Julia actually asked if I was ok?!). The big question now is, between French Girls Knits and all of this new IK inspiration, which pattern do I pick first? (and yes, that is a trick question for those of you keeping track, because the correct answer is "First you finish what you're already knitting.")

Oh, if only every daily choice was between such pretty things.


crazyknittinglady said...

I think I might purchase this IK as well - it has some lace in there too which is just beautiful! I've come to value the IK stash because more than once recently I've "discovered" patterns in past issues that would help me with my yarn stash... ;)

Lolly said...

It sure looks like a winner to me - I am excited to get my spring issue. There are some amazing patterns in there!