Monday Musings

A familiar weekend scene. Snow - seriously, are we going to keep doing this right through to April? After watching the Academy Awards doled out for special effect, editing and design, I can't believe that we haven't figured a way around this groundhound thing. Four more weeks - seriously?

In the meantime I am finally back on a page turning roll thanks to some passed along reads from my sister-in-law. First up is The Good Men, which follows me around the house all day so that I can read a few paragraphs during every possible opportunity. Nothing like "medieval torments and unrequited love" to get me through the end of February.

And with the start of a new week my thoughts are wandering towards some early Spring cleaning (although my motivation is usually a little slower in following). Captivity seems to amplify the call of things to be cleaned - or maybe the clutter is just growing exponentially with the level of play. It's an endless battle (although holding a book up to my face does temporarily mask some of it).

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