Artist Trading Cards

Over the past few weeks we've had lots of fun (with a gentle blend of frustration) putting together artist trading cards for a swap that Erin and Blair generously organized. The key to completing a project with a four year old is clear - small tidbits of activity over a very prolonged period of time.

Interest = High
Attention Span = Low
Consistency = Sketchy
Fun = Heaps and Heaps and Heaps (as long as all the other variables are worked around)

So with the deadline for mailing, our school of art card fishies are ready to travel. Two of them will even have to make it 'over the pond'. These cards were a piecework effort. First there was a page of watercolour pencil scribbling and a water brushing. Then there was the tracing and cutting of the body. Next up was the colouring and glitter glue and last, but never least, was the addition of foamie seaweed. Each activity was short, manageable and involved a different skill which helped my 'half-hour artist' work on the cards as a group and give them all some love and attention.

This swap also resulted in some other great 'home day' opportunities: letter writing, a field trip to the post office, and the discovery of Google Earth. If you haven't checked it out, it's a free download must. Julia and I had a great time entering addresses and virtual-traveling around the globe to visit our swap pals.

Thanks so much to two amazing ladies for their efforts in putting this huge swap together. It's been the highlight of a very long February and has planted the seed for many more art cards to come.

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