The Good Hurt

My body is a bundle of stiff, painful muscles this morning and I woke up craving something sweet and light: vanilla yogourt, granola and strawberries. It's a guilt-free reward.

Last night I ran 5K (yes, for those who are counting that is twice in a week....gasp) in my personal best time of 33 minutes and 59 seconds. The forced sprint at the end was intense, no doubt because I had someone 'screaming' in my ear...300 m...250m...200m...don't talk you'll waste energy (I'll let you imagine what I had just said to him)...50 more meters! And that's what a terrific run-leader makes you do. Once you can breathe again and the world stops spinning, you'll even thank them for hurting you.

This week marks 1 year since I went to my first running clinic. Over the winter my runs weren't even close to being as consistent as I'd hoped, but the fact that I keep lacing up and getting back in motion makes me proud. The fact that I feel stronger and faster with every run makes me happy.

I know I've said it before, but if you've even given running or walking a passing thought then this place is an amazing starting point. If I can do it than believe me, anyone can. And by the end of this summer I am determined to do it about 3 minutes and 59 seconds faster than last night!

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Patty said...

Boy, you're good. Not only are you running (very jealous over here) but you're having 'healthy junk foo'. I'm all about the real junk food at the moment. Gotta go, the chocolate ice cream in the freezer is calling...;)