Slipping II

A few posts back I talked about these.

And I can now happily (and with remarkable speed) introduce you to these. The slipcovers are actually a few weekends old at this point - slipping was that quick-like.

It would be terribly impressive if I now told you how easy it was to whip these together on the sewing machine and have two chairs covered in one afternoon. It was be a lie though.


  • It took one significantly-out-of-the-way drive to one significantly-worth-the-trip visit to a warehouse sale.
  • It took one saleslady patiently opening packages and redressing a display chair at least a dozen times, while hubby and I took turns chasing two children who were bordering on levels of it's-lunchtime-I'm-bored-and-this-isn't-a-toystore.
  • It took one mix-n-match shelf of final clearance covers and the unexpected discovery of these covers for $20 each. Seriously - frustration and labour aside, I can't even buy material for that price!
  • The sight of popsicles, chocolate ice cream and any variety of summer berries near my living room is no longer the cause of terror. My cream coloured chairs are protected and have suddenly become magnets for the kiddos (it's like they've noticed them for the first time? or maybe it's that I've stopped twitching? hmmm?)
  • I'm not convinced that these were exactly the look I was hoping for. But I remind myself that the lines and form of the chairs underneath will see the light of day again when the time is right. This is also the perfect excuse for some summer pillow projects (a far more enjoyable prospect than the covers were).
  • We've moved furniture around a bit to hide the fabric bunching that this style of cover causes at the back. As a result I now have my eye on a different set of chairs that suddenly don't seem to work in the room anymore. I think I'm having the equivalent of a home-owners-mid-life-crisis (a little early for both me and the house) and want a 'costs-next-to-nothing-do-over' for every room.
  • There will very likely be a future trip to the fabric store and post titled Slipping III.

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Patty said...

Oooh! I love those covers! News at Chez Fibreholic...