Field Trip of Dreams

Well folks, the week didn't make any more sense as it went on (although I did eventually manage to get on top of that calendar situation). And now that Friday has arrived, I don't honestly know what we did with the week? It was busy, it was loud, it was action-packed, but I'm not really convinced that a single thing managed to get finished (including a certain sweater that I was sure would be).

So I'm going to wave the white flag for the day, focus on making it through to the long weekend ahead, and daydream about field trips.

I had a passing thought this morning (somewhere between the shower and my first load of the laundry, and definitely before my first coffee) about a field-trip to here to take one of these and buy some of this and that. New York, here I come. Back in the rat race, I at least had a yearly conference or two to charge my batteries; doesn't Home Management come with the same perks? Oh yeah - lack of an expense account and I am the on-site daycare.

I guess this field trip will have to wait a few more years as well (damn mortgage!). But HOW amazing would that BE!

While I work on coming up with something at least half-as-exciting and within 100km, here are a few shots from one of my favourite Summer '09 field trips - Tobermory, Ontario and one perfect family outing. It was less about what we did and more about needing a sunny afternoon with lots of inspiring sights and sounds.

Tobermory - Summer 2009

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Patty said...

Make sure you give me notice before you go on that French Girl tour. I want to go too!