The Fruits of Our Labour Day

  • 1 basic tomato sauce recipe (which we only made 1/20th of)
  • 1 food mill + some volunteer man-hands
  • 1/2 bushel of the sweetest handpicked Roma tomatoes around
  • 1 fragrant pot of fresh basil (which leaves me want to attack a batch of Pesto next)
  • As many big pots as we could get our hands on (and man-hands to stir the overwhelming contents of big pots)
  • 12 mason jars
  • Some more really big pots (and those man hands again which seem insensitive to heat and steam)
  • As much time as it takes to listen to this and this and this (which would be about 3.5 hours)
  • And man hands to clean-up because at this point a few sets of mini-hands are going to be tired of listening to 'your' music and obsessed with getting back into kitchen because it's the one place you've asked them not to be. At this stage - divide and conquer.

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