My Little Big Boy

A big day has arrived. The first morning of preschool today.

You're starting early, but I still can't get my head around what a little big boy you are becoming (way too quickly). Fall baby - get used to being the youngest in the class.

Keep looking just as stinking cute in that backpack. But don't grow into it too quickly ok.

And have lots of fun playing with new toys and mastering more ways to get into mischief. But don't enjoy it too much more than playing with your sister and make sure you save all of the big important 'firsts' for at home.

Have a busy busy morning and come home very very tired. Bring home lots of messy arts and crafts that someone else supervised; don't be surprised if they are just as unimpressed as I am when you try sticking your fist in the paint jar or eating the brushes.

And don't get too upset or lost when I leave you with someone new for the first time. But cry a little bit ok. Yeah - me too little buddy.

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