Trick Shots

Let me start with an update from yesterday. Half an hour after dropping him off...I got a call to come pick up the Little Big Boy. After the first five minutes, he realized I wasn't right coming back...he had strong feelings about that. We'll try again next week and in the meantime I am soaking up the increase in cuddliness which the whole experience has drawn out of him (he's basically keeping me as close as possible in case I get any more funny ideas!)

But on a brighter note, I finally have a finished Tree Jacket off the needles, blocked and ready to share.

And I really did want to post this today (in the absence of any other post topic). Which raises my longstanding issue with self-shots. Here are the obstacles I usually work around at this point:

a) The absence of anyone else over 4' in the house when I want to take the shot.
b) The quick realization that my mirrors need cleaning.
c) Shifting natural light which is again, usually not very cooperative when I happen to be ready to do this stuff (which is why FO pictures are usually in the kitchen, the hub of all activity...and fingerprints)
d) My desire to get a really good shot of the whole sweater, while being close enough to highlight the stitchwork, but without including my face, a double chin, the clutter surrounding me, or the loose strings that still have to be worked into the knit.

Unfortunately, this wasn't a great morning for working around those sort of obstacles. So I bring you the best I've got; with the help of Mosaic Maker and a bit of imagination, I think you'll get the idea.

I also bring you an outtake and small taste of what I'm talking about (the obstacles, and my loveable appendage).

Pattern: Tree Jacket
Designers: Sarah & Rachel, Zephyr Style
Needles: US 8/5.0mm
Yarn: Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino, Brown
Details available here on Ravelry

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