First Falling

A making stand-still.  I wasn't kidding.
It started with a burst of creative energy and then a quick fizzle as soon as a few things were finished and the busy-ness of late Spring came along.  Approaching the middle of July, I can finally start to feel the urge slowly returning.  The biggest obstacle now is school break with very very few activities booked and instead, lots of play and swimming and home days and reading and play-dates.  The last pause before my gal heads into grade one and full weeks.  In case you haven't read between the lines, that translates into lots of my time being spent doing everything other than following that crafty urge (or cleaning for that matter...but I obviously find that part easier to let go of).

Anyways, back to my point.  I haven't been knitting.  At all.

Settling back into this blog space led me over to Knitty, and I really got inspired by their new concept of First Fall (with Deep Fall to follow in October).
"Starting with this issue, fall begins in July. Because how can you have 
a fall sweater ready to wear if you don't start a little ahead of the season?  
So welcome to First Fall. We think First Fall is about transition." 
(Knitty.com, Issue 32, Inventing New Seasons)

And I fell in love with some of their latest patterns.  Mojo levels instantly started rising.
 images courtesy of knitty.com


Patty said...

OOOH! Now I have to head over to Knitty! And I'm really, really, REALLY glad you're back ;)!

Anonymous said...

so the real question is where do I place my order for fall items...but seriously