Summer Happenings

These summer days of ours swing from chaotic craziness all the way over to delicious pause.  In between, a lot of the little things have been laid aside and just aren't getting done (yup, I'm still looking at you 'cleaning').  But on the flip side, some pretty huge things are happening; magical, mysterious things that are so much bigger than the day-to-day.

After procrastinating and avoiding and dreading, potty training is finally underway. (this one just doesn't come with a clear user manual does it!)  We had our first "pee pee on the potty" jazz hands on Monday, and Thursday finds me with a little boy who doesn't always make it in time, but is consistently 'calling it' and finding his way to his Cars accesorized Pitstop (he couldn't even be bothered with the training potty).  After these few short days, he's even starting to choose the toilet when we he is wearing diapers (a jelly-bean and sticker for success seems to be the deciding factor for success).  I know this is going to be an ongoing process...but he's getting it!  Bless his (at times frustratingly) independent force of spirit...the boy is getting it fast and I can actually see a glimmer of hope for a diaper-free Fall.

200/365 - July 19 2010

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Then there's my word bird, who has flown from 22 Sight Words in Spring, to taking a stab at everything from signs, to bumper stickers and of course her current favourite chapter books.

125/365 - May 5 2010
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And when she isn't reading, she's improving her writing by leaps and bounds.  Finding surprise notes on the kitchen counter makes my day.

176/365 - June 25 2010
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And in the occasional moments of quiet in between, I'm even managing to get through some fun summer fiction of my own (the contagious nature of reading).  Funny how summer has become the perfect time for letting things that have been patiently waiting in the background, step into the light.

185/365 - July 4 2010

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