Slowly Changing

269/365 - September 26 2010
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This month of September.  It's flying by, and given all that's it brought, that's a good thing.  Will October bring some space to breathe?  I'm hopeful.

In the meantime, it's taken three weeks but

  • My gal has (for the time being) given up the revolution and is no longer contemplating becoming the world's first grade one drop out.
  • We have only one more month of a little guy's "I'm two and I will be heard".  Yes, I am aware of the fact that there is an equally loud "I'm three and I will be heard" phase.  I'm vacationing here in denial a little longer though - they offer cookies there.
  • We're one week into the first cold of the season.  But that's one week closer to it being over.  Right?
  • It's going to be October soon and I almost have my first knit of the season to report.  I love it to crazy bits.  I'd stop and take a picture today, but it's good to keep a little something to come back and blog about before the month rolls away for good.  
Let's just enjoy the slow change shall we.

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AmyBean said...

Hey, I didn't know this was your blog/Tumblr/thingy! :) Neato!