i will not knit socks i will not knit socks i will not knit socks i will not knit socks...

It happens around this time every year.  Ravelry, blogs, mystery knit-alongs...they all start tempting me with the idea of knitting socks.  I've fallen victim to Sock-tober for three years running, and I have three single ill-fitting socks to show for it.  And here's another little irony - I hate wearing socks.

SO, I vowed when I caught sight of some *swoon*-worthy inspiration back in July that I wouldn't fall into the trap again.  I'm sticking with scarves.

Scarf Love
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Because, oh how I do love a scarf.

272/365 - September 29 2010
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And the great thing about scarves is that you just pick a stitch and keep going until the yarn runs out.  While the air gets a little chillier and the rain comes and goes, you seek out the nearest armchair or the driest patio you can find.  You throw on an audiobook, grab a coffee, or just sit and listen to the whirlwind of excitement going on around you (the most likely choice around here).  And in no time at all, you've got something to brighten any day.

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No fancy pattern for this - just a trusty stitch dictionary and a rough idea of the width and gauge I wanted.  When I have a moment and stop running and around looking all Fall-catalogue I'll try to type something up and give it a name.  And then if someone wants to turn it into sock...well go ahead and knock your socks off with it. : )

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