Remembering Tree Jacket

Back in October I was so excited to be starting my first KAL project - Tree Jacket. We were off to a great start, Tree Jacket and I. An affordable (thank goodness) yarn that was actually good to work with, a fun pattern and even the excitement of learning a new stitch.

For a Tree Jacket lined walk down memory lane
click here and click here and click here and click here.

Cowl neck - check.

Garter stitch bodice - check.

Lace midsection - ch...oops we seem to have a mistake somewhere. Froggit froggit start that part again (and by froggit I mean rip rip rip - I'm not using a mysterious knitting swear word...oh wait, yes I am!).

Lace midsection - che...oh man, I miscounted. Well it's under the arm and no one will notice except me.

As I was saying, lace midsection - che...drat, I just did it again. Hmmm - it's on the back and cleverly disguised. I'm sure no one will notice. Keep going.

Lace midsection - che...OH FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS GOOD. Well I'm not going to froggit now because I'm just too far gone and then I'd have to go all the way back and fix those other mistakes too.

So here I was in January (because I've avoided discussing this project for a few weeks while in mourning) and after an 'accepted' mistake here and mistake there the lace midsection had little extra holes, missing holes and off-kilter lines all over the place. It looked like someone had poked their fingers through the yarn and dragged me around the room. So I took a deep breathe and prepared to frog the entire lace section (which I'd been working on for about a month). First I decided that since the sweater was officially off the needles it wouldn’t hurt to try it on while I was at it and see how the fit was coming along.

IT WAS HUGE ON ME (sparing you the accompanying expletives).

Being pregnant when I finished the garter stitch section I didn’t bother trying it on and now, too late, I realize that in addition to all the boo-boos it’s completely the wrong size.

Am I going to give up? No way.
Am I going to give up for right now? You bet your $#@.

And that my friends is how the Minimalist Cardigan cleverly came into my knitting life (after waiting in my stash pile for so many patient months). For the sake of my sanity (and that of those around me) I have whole-heartedly moved onto another project and will come back to Tree Jacket (from scratch) when I’ve had a chance to make peace with the past and get the thrill of something new out of my system. TO BE CONTINUED (at some point in my life).

Tree Jacket
2007 - 2008
We will meet again.

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Lisa said...

Oh, how disappointing and frustrating for you! I feel your pain, I really do :o(
I am the queen of frogging!